Post Processing

Our dynamic OLG model does not explicitly account for all of the demographic richness present in PWBMsim due to computational constraints. In the final, post-processing step, we combine the output of the dynamic OLG model and PWBMsim to produce predictions which incorporate the demographic richness of the PWBMsim with the dynamic effects of the OLG model. In post processing, the percent changes in macroeconomic and budget aggregates between the static and the dynamic versions of the dynamic OLG models are calculated. These ‘deltas’ reflect the macroeconomic feedback effects present in the economy. Tools developed by PWBM combine PWBMsim with the dynamic OLG by using the deltas.This approach captures the richness of detail in the microsimulation model along with the behavioral changes observed in the dynamic OLG model. Our data visualization tool (pictured) automatically compiles the results for use by our researchers.

Tax Mod post processing.png