PWBM's Computational and Macroeconomics Seminars (PCaMS)

Visiting scholars will present their recent research on computational public policy finance and macroeconomics. This seminar series is organized by Kent Smetters, Faculty Director of PWBM, and Kerk Phillips, Principal Analyst at Congressional Budget Office Macroeconomic Analysis Division.

Seminars will be held at PWBM's offices in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, typically on the third Thursday of the month. Seminars held in Philadelphia will tend to focus on methods, while seminars held in Washington, DC will focus more on modeling public policy. Seminars held in either office will be livestreamed to the other office, so participants can visit either office to attend any given seminar. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion for attendees.

Participants are required to request to attend all seminars. Request to attend forms can be found on the individual event pages.

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