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Peter G. Peterson Foundation: 2019 Fiscal Summit - Rising Debt in a Growing Economy: Perspectives on America's Fiscal and Economic Dynamic

  • Washington DC United States (map)


Olivier Blanchard, C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Beth Ann Bovino, Managing Director and U.S. Chief Economist, S&P Global Ratings Services

Kent Smetters, Boettner Chair Professor, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Faculty Director of Penn Wharton Budget Model

Moderator: Greg Ip, Chief Economics Commentator, The Wall Street Journal

America’s economy continues on a lengthy expansion, with low unemployment and interest rates. At the same time, our national debt is at historically high levels, with deficits projected to rise rapidly and indefinitely into the future. Shedding light on the relationship between debt, deficits, interest rates and economic growth, leading macroeconomists will offer perspectives on this unusual fiscal and economic dynamic — offering policy prescriptions to navigate the present and prepare for the future.

This panel is part of a full-day event:

2019 Fiscal Summit: Building America’s Future

Americans care deeply about the future of our country. We aspire to live in a nation with widespread opportunity, a positive leadership role in the world, and a bright future for generations to come.

Amid the debate over national priorities, one thing is certain: to build America’s future, our nation will need significant resources. Fiscal sustainability is critical to meeting our challenges over the long term — it represents the foundation for our ability to address the needs and ambitions of our society.

However, there is real concern across America that we are not on the right course. Now and over the coming decades we face many critical, interconnected challenges, including: rising inequality, unaffordable healthcare, a changing climate, faltering infrastructure, failing education, and new and unpredictable security threats. Americans’ concerns about these issues are rising, while our fiscal condition and ability to address them are falling.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2019 Fiscal Summit: Building America’s Future will bring together leaders, experts and policymakers to discuss how to build a sustainable fiscal future to put America on a path for prosperity, leadership and growth. Our nation’s future is at stake, and we owe it to coming generations to set a stronger, smarter and more responsible foundation for the future of America.

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