Submit a working paper to PWBM

University of Pennsylvania faculty and graduate students, PWBM related faculty and invited scholars may submit a working paper to PWBM’s Working Paper series.

We follow “NBER rules” and only accept papers with rigorous theoretical and/or empirical analysis that do not make policy recommendations. While a paper might contain analysis that indicates that a particular policy might have favorable/unfavorable outcomes to various economic variables, the paper should avoid the “ought” and “should” associated with advocacy. Any material conflicts of interest, described by points 2. – 5. here, should be disclosed on a standalone page in the last page of the Working Paper. We reserve the right to reject working papers that fail to meet these standards.

PWBM Working Papers are intended to encourage discussion and have not been reviewed by PWBM and are not considered to be PWBM publication, and so they should not be cited as such.