USAFacts 2019 Annual Report - Our nation, in numbers.

Forbes Contributor, Sheila Callahan, covered USAFacts release of its third annual report on May 2, 2019. The report highlighted recent shifts in U.S. demographics, noting that seniors, 65 years and older, are now 16 percent of the population. This group also makes up more than 6 percent of the working population, up from 3 percent in 1980. A second change is that more people now live alone, which reduces median household income. Check out the USAFacts 2019 Annual Report to learn more about population trends, government finances and outcomes.

Callahan elaborated that the USAFacts Institute, privately funded by Steve Ballmer, does not accept contributions from external donors to remain non-partisan. USAFacts works with academic institutions, such as Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), to ensure the data is accurate and unbiased. PWBM compiles and maintains the data store that powers USAFacts.