Work and Life

Over the previous four years PWBM has expanded and matured from three researchers to teams of economists, research assistants, policy experts, data scientists, developers, graduate and undergraduate students. The following points clarify expectations for work in our growing team:

  • Work in the Office: As long as you are producing results and are available to work with your colleagues, we are flexible with your time in the office. Nevertheless, group interaction is key to success, and so coordination of “office time” for real-time collaboration is crucial. Although the standard University workday is 9AM – 5PM, we allow for flexibility within that range, so that you can do some work at home or at a coffee shop, whatever helps you focus. If you do need some additional flexibility it can be arranged with your supervisor.

  • Work From Home: We understand that some events arise which require you to be away from the office but do not necessarily prevent you from working productively for most of the day. Work from home should be arranged in advance with your supervisor.

  • Paid Time Off: According to University policy, the University requires you to use paid time off (PTO) for compensated work absence, though special circumstances can be accommodated. PTO includes more than just “vacation” days and should be used for other personal time off. PTO for vacation, sick leave, jury duty and bereavement should be requested through the University system. Learn more about employment at the University of Pennsylvania here.

  • Work Environment: In order to maximize everyone’s productivity, you should be mindful and respectful of your colleagues’ comfort and work environment. In addition, PWBM is willing to acquire for you (within reason) any particular items or accommodations such as an ergonomic chair or other equipment needed for health reasons. We also make an effort to have some snacks and drinks available. We will do our best to accommodate your furniture and supply needs so that you can be productive.

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